I like to draw creatures, demons, armor, and cyberpunk.

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Sarnak from Everquest 1, by request.

Color palette challenge request: Quelaag from Dark Souls

#12 on the list

Challenge doodle #1 with friend: “Gestures”

Wildstar characters, female Draken and male Mechari

This is an older tutorial I made that I decided to upload.

It is for BEGINNERS in shading and with a very simplified explanation of cel shading. I use Photoshop here and some basic layering.

Even though the art is old and outdated I hope this message still stands true for many young artists: don’t hold back and be scared to shade! You will mess up (like I did) and it’s okay! Just keep practicing and experimenting!

Quick doodle of a desert lizard

Cleaning up desktop, finding doodles

Doodle during class inspired by the sarcastic fringehead.

Old scrapped painting of Watcher from Darksiders. I’ve since revised my method of painting and may give him a more proper painting in the future.

Color and style practice. Rin/shark kid from that swimming anime I don’t know I watch the parody not the actual show.

Doodle in class