I like to draw creatures, demons, armor, and cyberpunk.

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Quick doodle of a desert lizard

Cleaning up desktop, finding doodles

Doodle during class inspired by the sarcastic fringehead.

Old scrapped painting of Watcher from Darksiders. I’ve since revised my method of painting and may give him a more proper painting in the future.

Color and style practice. Rin/shark kid from that swimming anime I don’t know I watch the parody not the actual show.

Doodle in class

Old, unfinished lineart of Pandemos Floo from the game Dungeon Fighter Online/Dungeon & Fighter. I stumbled upon this while organizing my files and felt a little sad… I was saving this for a potential art contest in case there was ever one for DFO’s monsters and bosses. Unfortunately with the game’s closing, we’ll never have that opportunity. Despite this, I do want to reboot my project to draw some of the game’s bosses sometime in the future, maybe over the holidays after catching up on some other art projects and requests.

Good god I miss this game, please return to the states…

Alien with a lollipop.

ZBrush Dynamesh.

Trying perspective and environments. I tried, but its not really good and I don’t like it. Oh well, keep practicing…

1 hour speed paint for challenge group. Theme was Halloween, demons, monsters, that sort of thing. Demon Chick waits ontop the cliff mountain, waiting for a good deal during the post-Halloween candy sales at the Walmart down below.